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Roller Linear Guide

A linear guide is a block-and-rail system that helps support motion. The linear block moves forward and backward along the plane on which the rail is positioned. The motion is created along the rail via recirculating bearings that are inside the block and making contact with the rail. Linear guides are used in a variety of industries. For example, machine tables use linear guides to move in the X, Y, or Z direction. Due to their ease of movement, linear guides are used to transport objects with a large mass.

There are different types of contact guides used in today’s industry. Rolling contact guides use a ball, roller, or cam roller to move the linear block. Stainless steel ball bearings are used in the ball guide, rotating between the moving and fixed machine parts. The roller guide uses metal rollers to achieve the same motion. For cam rollers, they are supported by ball bearings moving between the parts.

Rolling guides also are classified according to whether or not they have recirculation rolling elements. Rolling elements recirculate within the linear block and move with the block instead of separately, almost like the tracks of a tank. In these cases the stroke is only limited by rail length. In guides that do not contain recirculation, the rolling elements (bearings) move at half the speed of the block. Therefore, they only cover half the distance.

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