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The Use Of Ball Screw In CNC machine Tools

     The ball screw plays a very important role in the assembly and adjustment of CNC machine tools. The diameter of the special inspection rod must meet the relevant regulations, while also meeting the relative rigidity and strength requirements.

      For the special inspection sleeve design, the inner hole of the inspection sleeve needs to be matched with the outer circle design of the inspection rod, and the gap between the two is also a certain distance, not more than 0.008 and not more than 0.012.
The ball screw nut and the workbench must be effectively adjusted to meet the specification requirements. This requires that the side reference surface of the worktable is tightly attached to the sliding block of the linear guide, and the bolt is used to fix it.

    At the same time, the consistency of the flange end face and the thread end face of the ball screw nut must be maintained. In addition, the cleanliness of the ball screw must be ensured. At the same time, the fusion surface of the nut and the nut seat must be cleaned to ensure that it is clean and tidy. Move the workbench again to avoid loosening of the nut seat and the flange of the ball screw nut off condition.