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Ball Screw

  • Ball Screw
  • Ball Screw
Ball ScrewBall Screw

Ball Screw

  • Brand: PEK
  • Material: Bearing Steel,45# Steel
  • Length:Customizable
  • Interchangeable with International Brands
  • Product description: Bulk Stock High Precision Grinding or Cold Rolled Ball Screw, C3 grade,C5 grade,C7 grade. All kinds of models: SFU,SFI,SFY,DFI,DFU.

Ball Screw

Ball screw assembly consists of screw, nut, end support unit and coupling, the function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, or convert linear motion into rotary motion. Because of the high stiffness and accuracy, ball screw is widely used for all kinds of industrial equipment and precise instruments.

Feature of PEK Brand Ball Screw:

1.High-speed operation
2.Low friction and noise
3.High precision, duration, and reliability
4.Smooth movement
5.High efficiency of transferring
6.No gap and preload

Model No.of Ball Screw:

SFU1204, SFU1604, SFU1605, SFU1610, SFU2004, SFU2005, SFU2504, SFU2505, SFU2506,
SFU2510, SFU3205,SFU3210, SFU4005, SFU4010, SFU5010, SFU6310, SFU6320, SFU8010,  SFU8020

DFU1604,DFU1605,DFU1610,DFU2004,DFU2005,DFU2504,DFU2505,DFU2510,DFU3205, DFU3210,DFU4005,DFU4010,DFU5010,DFU6310,DFU6320,DFU8010,DFU8020

SFI1605,SFI1610,SFI2005,SFI2505,SFI2510,SFI3205,SFI3210,SFI4005,SFI4010,SFI5010, SFI6310,SFI8010

DFI1605,DFI2005,DFI2505,DFI2510,DFI3205,DFI3210,DFI4005,DFI4010,DFI5010,DFI6310, DFI8010

SFS1210,SFS1610,SFS1616,SFS2010,SFS2020,SFS2510,SFS2520,SFS2525,SFS3220,SFS3232, SFS4020,SFS4040,SFS5020,SFS5050

Thread: General right thread, part model can produce left thread. Please contact us in advance if you need the left thread.

End machining

1. We can make end machining or without end machining ball screw.

2.For end machining ball screw, if you have special requirement, please show us the drawing.
3. Moreover, we also make the components of ball screw, such as ball screw nut housing, ball screw end support, couplings, etc.

Applications of Ball Screw:

1.Automatic controlling machine
2.General industry machinery

3.Printing, paper-processing, automatic machines, textiles, etc.
4.Electronic machinery
5.Robot, measuring instruments, medical equipment, X-Y table, factory automation equipment

6.Parking system
7.Semi-conductor industry
8. Medical equipment
9. Solar energy equipment
10.High-speed rail and aviation transportation equipment, etc.

We can make the same size as other famous brand ball screw; if you need, please feel free to contact and show us with the drawing while inquiry. Thank you!


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