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Gear Rack

  • Gear Rack
  • Gear Rack
Gear RackGear Rack

Gear Rack

  • Brand:PEK
  • Material: Bearing Steel,Stainless Steel,Carbon Steel
  • Length: Standard or Customizable
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Product description: PEK brand rack and pinion, bearing steel ,high quality,low price.

Gear Rack

A circular gear called“Pinion”,and the engaged teeth on a linear gear bar called “Rack”. Rotational motion applied to the pinion causes the rack to move. Thereby,translating the rotational motion of the pinion into the linear motion of the rack.

Gear Rack types

Straight teeth has the tooth axis parallel to the axis of rotation.Straight teeth that run parallel to the axis of the gear. Load movement or transfer is manual or walk-behind.

Helical teeth provide continuous engagement along the tooth length and are often quieter and more efficient than straight tooth gear.Helical tooth gears resemble spur gears in the plane of rotation, but include teeth that are twisted along a helical path in the axial direction.

Advantage of Rack and Pinion

1.High stabilization

2.High Load capability

3. More compact,but less complex

4.Flexible for custom-made request

5.Constant stiffness over the complete travel length plus good system performance.


Tooth Shape

Tooth Process

Heat Treatment



Surface Treatment


S=Spur rack


H=Heat treatment





H=Helical rack

F=Finish cutting




Module : 1.0 - 4.0, etc.
Size: 1. Standard size 2.As requirement by customer's drawing.

Application of Rack and Pinion

Woodworking machine; CNC router; High-speed metal cutting machine; Pick and place robot; Assembly machine; Material handling machine; Packaging machine; Automation; Gantry; Machine tool; Lift Mechanisms; X-Y Axis Table; Guide mechanism; Seventh-Axis robotic slide.

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