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Linear Guide

  • Linear Guide
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Linear Guide Linear Guide

Linear Guide

  • Brand:PEK
  • Material: Bearing steel,Chrome Steel,45# Steel
  • Size: Standard
  • Application: Injection Molding Machine,Spring Production Equipment,Cutting Machine,CNC Machine,
  • Product description: High assembly,low assembly,roller type linear guide with high quality,low price and easily assembly.

PEK Brand Linear Guide Rail

Introduction of linear guide rail

A linear guide rail is a fixed beam cut to length, along which any number of items can move freely, depending on the load needed and the configuration of the fixture. Linear guide covers a broad spectrum of performance characteristics, accommodating an even wider range of application requirements.

The design of the JINGRUI(the trademark is PEK )linear guide offers easy installation and minimal maintenance with the lowest installed cost in its class. All linear rails are in standard lengths and alos can be cutted based on your desired lengths as part of a complete assembly.

Types of PEK brand Linear Guide :

Ball caged High Assembly SDS series :15mm,20mm,25mm,30mm,35mm,45mm,55mm,65mm,85mm

Ball caged Low Assembly SDE series:  15mm,20mm,25mm,30mm,35mm

Roller caged SDG series: 20mm,25mm,30mm,35mm,45mm,55mm,65mm

Advantages of  Linear Guide Rail :

1. Self-Aligning,Simple Installation, Easy maintenance.

2. Low Noise,smooth, quiet, high speed operation.

3. Interchangeable between rail and carriages without compromising system accuracy.

4. Design flexibility with multiple block(carriage) styles, sizes, preload and accuracy.

Multiple rail accuracy and rail mounting options.

5. Length: can be cut for your requirement.

Application of Linear Guide Rail

machinery processing centers, tool machines, cnc machine,precision processing machines, heavy cutting machines, marble cutting machines, grinding machines, injection beds, punching machines, automation equipment, transportation equipment, measurement instruments and other industries.

If any product meet your demand, please feel free to contact us for catalogue!

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